Download Unlimited PDF 2018


By Celia Rees

It s England, 1783 When the rich and beautiful Sovay isn t sitting for portraits, she s donning a man s cloak and robbing travelers in broad daylight But in a time when political allegiances between France and England are strained, a rogue bandit is ...

Adivina cuanto te quiero, aquĆ­, alli y en todas partes

By Sam McBratney

Four new adventures of the Little Nutbrown Hare he climbs the tree hideout, escapes from the mists in the Clouded Mountain and enters the Far Prado Throughout these stories you will discover exciting, amazing and a few dangerous places Finally Little...

She-Hulk #1

By Charles Soule

With a new practice, a new paralegal and a mounting number of super villains she s racking up as personal enemies, She Hulk might have bitten off a little than she can chew but she just calls that that Tuesday....